PT. SpanSet Indonesia is part of the International SpanSet Group for territory of Indonesia. An international Group with authorized distributors, licensees and agents world-wide, the company complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance.

Our Mission is to be the preffered partner to the user of safe lifting, load control, and height safety product, system and services.

Our core activities cover the product areas of lifting systems, load control systems and personal safety equipment to protect against falling and various services such as our application-based training sessions.
On the following pages we would like to reveal a number of interesting things about our company. We hope that it make entertaining and exciting reading.
1.         D3 / S1 Jurusan Kesehatan Masyarakat / K3 atau jurusan teknik atau IKIP atau yang punya pengalaman
(sertifikasi) sebagai trainer di bidang K3 atau teknik
2.         Pria / Wanita usia 25 – 40 tahun
3.         Pengalaman sebagai trainer 2 tahun
4.         Good public speaking skill
5.         Mampu berbahasa Inggris secara lisan maupun tulisan
Job Descriptions
1.         Sebagai trainer untuk customer yang ikut kelas
2.         Administrasi peserta
3.         Review & Develop training content

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